Thank You

John Clark , 16 Sep 2011

"Greg, I did want to write you to acknowledge and to thank you for your very professional salesmanship and business manner which you displayed and used during the process of selling our property.  In seeking an agent to sell the property, which as you recall, I thought may take some 12 to 18 months to sell, I went outside  of my “home town” area of Victor Harbor for an agent as I felt I could not find an agent out  of some 5 that  I interviewed over a period who to my opinion would have conducted themselves in the required business manner  to sell the $1mill. property to the appropriate category of buyer. You readily identified the status of buyer who would relate to our property. The benefits of that decision are quite evident in that within some 5 weeks of my signing your agency agreement a rural contract was signed with the eventual buyer. Sure, while the property was sold in a lower market and I was therefore able to move on and purchase the Strathalbyn property in a similar market.

So Greg, I am only too happy to provide you with this note, or with a future personal recommendation, as to your business acumen and negotiating skills and the general proficiency of your administrative support team. It may seem that you have chosen to redirect your business following your change in business name and I therefore wish you well with your future business development."