Fleurieu Livestock

Fleurieu Livestock is a specialist Livestock Marketing Service based on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

 The team consists of:  

Greg Weber-Smith
Director/Livestock Agent

M: 0419 867 801
E: greg@fleurieuestates.com.au

John Rye
Livestock Agent

M: 0407 547 205
E: jprye@bigpond.com

Paula Krichauff
Office Manager
M: 0477 007 773
E: admin@fleurieuestates.com.au


All our team live on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

Philosophy of Fleurieu Livestock

The Fleurieu Livestock philosophy is what stands us apart from other stock firms.

If producers want to just put livestock on a truck and send to market we are not the best option as an agent.

We encourage our clients to tailor the livestock production system to meet the distinctive requirements of certain markets.

Because of our philosophy in livestock marketing we have developed a strong trust and respect relationship with the companies we supply.

What we can do

As well as access to all the Local Livestock Markets, we have a wide network of sales & purchasing options right across South Australia (including Mid North), Victoria and at times New South Wales for your cattle, sheep and lambs.

Most of the stock that we sell are not seen in the market place.

The Reasons

Many of our Livestock Purchasers prefer to buy direct from Producers and are prepared to pay a premium for livestock that meets their specifications.

These Specialist Buyers do not usually buy out of Markets and like to harbour long term relationships with Producers.

Still, we are in constant communication with many people in the industry and each other.  If a good Sale Yard or Internet Auction opportunity presents, we will recommend them.

Technical  Information/Support

Fleurieu Livestock don’t simply buy and sell livestock – we have had decades of ‘hands  on experience’  in the production side of farming which includes:

  • Vealer Production
  • Prime Lamb
  • Wool
  • Hay
  • Genetics  (Bulls and Rams)-access to Genetics that will suit your Property
  • Soils and pastures
  • Established efficient, reliable Livestock Carriers


The main advantages in dealing with Fleurieu Livestock are:

  • The Marketing Options we can offer and deliver
  • Personal availability
  • Technical Options and Support – if required
  • Dedication to Service
  • Local Knowledge – (we hear things before they happen!)